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Analyst of House of Crypto, in his latest analysis, has listed several altcoins positioned to capitalize on the burgeoning demand. Here’s the list that might help you in this ongoing bull season.

Hive Mapper: This project revolutionizes mapping technology by leveraging decentralized networks to crowdsource street mapping data. Hive Mapper offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional mapping methods by empowering individuals to contribute data through their devices.

Weave: With a focus on decentralized storage, Weave offers a secure and efficient solution for storing large volumes of data. By utilizing blockchain technology, Weave ensures data integrity and accessibility while reducing reliance on centralized servers. A forthcoming project set to launch soon, aims to establish a decentralized AI computing ecosystem. By leveraging blockchain technology, seeks to democratize access to AI resources while fostering innovation in the field.

Peak Network: Positioned as a Layer 1 solution specialized for deepin projects, Peak Network offers fast and affordable transactions tailored to the needs of AI applications. With inter-chain compatibility and a focus on deepin infrastructure, Peak Network aims to support the next generation of decentralized AI projects.

Crest: Serving as a precursor to Peak Network, Crest provides early access to the deepin ecosystem and qualifies holders for future airdrops. With a focus on affordability and accessibility, Crest offers an entry point into the burgeoning world of decentralized AI infrastructure.

Nettensor: NAO stands out for its focus on enabling AI infrastructure on the blockchain, offering access to GPU computing nodes from community members worldwide. With a modest market cap and a compelling value proposition, NAO has the potential for significant growth in the AI-driven crypto space.

Clore ai: Offering GPU computing access for AI training, CLAW presents a compelling solution for developers seeking affordable and scalable infrastructure. With a market cap indicating room for growth, CLAW could emerge as a key player in the decentralized AI ecosystem.

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