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Cryptocurrency analyst Brian Jung recently shared a list of various opportunities for improvement in the crypto market, stressing the potential for investors to capitalize on emerging trends. In a detailed analysis, Jung pointed out several altcoin narratives that investors should consider.


Jung explained the significant potential of artificial intelligence (AI) within the crypto space. With global AI experiencing rapid growth and substantial revenue projections, Jung believes that AI is currently the top narrative in the market. He stressed the importance of investing in projects leveraging AI technology, citing examples like Arkham Intelligence, Render, and AIT Protocol as promising opportunities.

Layer 2 Solutions:

Jung discussed the emergence of Layer 2 solutions, focusing on projects like Base, which aims to provide a cheaper and more scalable alternative to Ethereum. Although Base does not have its own token, Jung suggested considering Arrow (ARRO) as a means to gain exposure to the Base ecosystem. He hinted at the potential for significant growth if Base becomes widely adopted, especially given its backing by Coinbase and its ambitious goals.

Gaming Tokens:

While Jung expressed warning about the gaming sector due to intense competition and potential market manipulation, he was considerate about the opportunity for certain gaming tokens to succeed. Projects like Beam and Future Verse’s ROOT token caught his attention due to their strong partnerships and innovative approaches to gaming and metaverse development.

Meme Coins:

Despite the inherent risks, Jung discussed the popularity of meme coins and their potential for short-term gains. He mentioned tokens like Bonk, Dogwifhat, and MAGA, warning investors to exercise restraint and vigilance when investing in such assets.

Investment Strategy:

Jung outlined a simple four-step process for evaluating altcoin investments. He advised investors to research and identify promising projects, create a watchlist, assess each project’s fundamentals using a predefined set of criteria, and make informed investment decisions based on their research.

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