Valorant players demand Deadlock rework to fix “worst agent in the game by a mile” – Dexerto

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Published: 2023-11-11T16:00:18  ❘   Updated: 2023-11-11T16:00:28

Valorant fans are demanding a rework for Deadlock, which they claim is the “worst Agent in the game by a mile.”

With 23 Agents now in the game, Valorant is vastly different from what it was at launch. Thankfully, the devs have done a solid job at keeping the game balanced, continuously making tweaks to various maps, weapons, and Agents as they see fit.

The community has always had its say too, calling on Riot to make changes and suggesting ideas to improve the game overall.

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Now, the community is calling for Riot to rework one of the game’s newest Agents Deadlock, where despite releasing just a few Acts ago, they claim she’s the worst out of the current roster.

Valorant players call for Deadlock rework

In a November 11 Reddit thread, one Valorant player started a discussion regarding whether or not Deadlock needs a rework to keep up with other Agents.

The player noted that while the Agent is meant to have a different play style from the rest in its class, the Sentinel simply falls behind compared to others.

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“In a world where Cypher’s trips slows you down, stun you, spots you, deal damage, and reactivate after a short period. We have deadlocks stun that, stuns (sometimes),” they wrote. “I know she is meant to have a different play style, but it don’t seems right to me.”

In the replies, others agree that the Agent desperately needs a rework, with some even claiming the Norwegian is the “worst by a mile.”

“I mean yeah it’s the worst agent in the game by a mile,” said one. “She doesn’t need a buff she needs a rework,” wrote another. “She needs like 5 buffs,” a third added.

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According to some in higher elo’s and pro play, the Agent is practically nonexistent — further proving she needs changes. “Deadlock might even need a rework and not just a few buffs. In high elo and pro play she practically does not exist,” one noted.

It’s unlikely we’ll see some significant changes to the Agent anytime soon. However, with Episode 8 set to be the next major update, there’s a chance we could see some tweaks then.

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