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US – Artificial intelligence (AI) company Veritone has launched a conversational intelligence tool for gathering insights.

The tool, called Ask Veri, will allow Veritone Digital Media Hub users to extract actionable insights and execute workflows from their media archive data through a generative AI-enabled, chat-based tool.

Generative AI is used by Ask Veri to respond to queries and provide customers with analysis, summaries and key findings for their digital media collection.

Ask Veri will be integrated into Veritone’s aiWARE platform and will also be expanded across the majority of the firm’s commercial and public sector applications.

Sean King, general manager at Veritone Media and Entertainment, said: “With content production and consumption at an all-time high, media professionals face the overwhelming challenge of organising and activating an abundance of data.

“Ask Veri leverages Veritone’s industry experience and extensive knowledge base to provide both open-ended and template query prompts for DMH customers.” 

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