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Who will win the 2024 NCAA women’s basketball tournament? We have our own Sporting News expert Kate Yanchulis, who offered up her bracket. (Spoiler: She has South Carolina winning the whole thing.) What does AI think? 

Elon Musk boasts that Grok, Twitter’s AI bot, has a secret weapon: real-time access to information on the X platform. This, according to Musk, gives Grok a huge edge over competitors’ artificial intelligence engines such as ChatGPT.

Intrigued by Musk’s claims, I put Grok to the test. Can AI predict the winners of the women’s NCAA Tournament?

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Check out Grok’s picks for every matchup, along with its reasoning for each selection. (But Caitlin Clark fans beware. Despite the plethora of tweets on the Iowa star, Grok did not have a soft spot for the Hawkeyes.)

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Women’s March Madness bracket predictions 2024

Albany Regional 1 picks


1 South Carolina over 16 Sacred Heart / Presbyterian

8 North Carolina over 9 Michigan State

12 Florida Gulf Coast over 5 Oklahoma

4 Indiana over 13 Fairfield

11 Texas A&M over6 Nebraska

3 Oregon State over 14 Eastern Washington

10 Marquette over 7 Ole Miss

2 Notre Dame over 15 Kent State


1 South Carolina over 8 North Carolina

12 Florida Gulf Coast over 4 Indiana

11 Texas A&M over 3 Oregon State

2 Notre Dame over 10 Marquette


1 South Carolina over 12 Florida Gulf Coast

2 Notre Dame over 11 Texas A&M


1 South Carolina over 2 Notre Dame

I predict that South Carolina will come out on top, but don’t be surprised if Notre Dame pulls off an upset.

South Carolina has been a dominant force in women’s college basketball this season, boasting a strong roster with talented players such as Kamilla Cardoso and MiLaysia Fulwiley. The Gamecocks have consistently performed well and have the potential to make a deep run in the tournament.

However, Notre Dame is not a team to be underestimated. Led by star guard Hannah Hidalgo, the Irish have shown resilience and the ability to compete with top-tier teams. If they can bring their A game and capitalize on South Carolina’s weaknesses, they have a legitimate chance to pull off an upset.


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Albany Regional 2 picks


1 Iowa over 16 Holy Cross / UT Martin

9 Princeton over 8 West Virginia

5 Colorado over 12 Drake

4 Kansas State over 13 Portland

6 Louisville over 11 Middle Tennessee

3 LSU over 14 Rice

7 Creighton over 10 UNLV

2 UCLA over 15 California Baptist


1 Iowa over 9 Princeton

4 Kansas State over 5 Colorado

6 Louisville over 3 LSU

2 UCLA over 7 Creighton


4 Kansas State over 1 Iowa

2 UCLA over 6 Louisville


4 Kansas State over 2 UCLA

In the Iowa vs. Kansas State Sweet 16 game, I predict that Kansas State will pull off an upset and defeat Iowa. The Wildcats have a strong defense and have shown the ability to contain Iowa’s star player, Caitlin Clark, in their previous meetings. (Ed note: Kansas State and Iowa split their regular season meetings 1-1. Clark was held to 19-57 shooting in those games.)

I predict an upset with Kansas State defeating UCLA in the Elite Eight. Both teams have shown strong performances throughout the season, but Kansas State has a slight edge in its recent games and has the potential to surprise UCLA with their solid defense and efficient offense.

The Wildcats have a strong team, led by their star player Ayoka Lee, who missed four weeks in January with an ankle injury. This means that the team has had time to adjust to playing with her again, which could make Kansas State a formidable opponent.

Furthermore, the team has shown resilience and adaptability throughout the season, as the Wildcats had to adjust to playing without Lee for a period of time. This experience could prove valuable in the tournament, as they may need to overcome adversity to make a deep run.

— Grok

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Portland Regional 1 picks


1 USC over 16 Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

9 Michigan over 8 Kansas

5 Baylor over 12 Vanderbilt / Columbia

4 Virginia Tech over 13 Marshall

6 Syracuse over 11 Auburn / Arizona

3 UConn over 14 Jackson State

7 Duke over 10 Richmond

2 Ohio State over 15 Maine


9 Michigan over 1 USC

4 Virginia Tech over 5 Baylor

3 UConn over 11 Auburn / Arizona

7 Duke over 2 Ohio State


9 Michigan over 4 Virginia Tech

3 UConn over 7 Duke


3 UConn over 9 Michigan

I believe Michigan has a strong chance to upset USC in the second round. Despite not being a top-ranked team, the Wolverines have managed to compete with and defeat some of the best teams in the country. This ability to rise to the occasion and perform in high-pressure situations makes them a dangerous team in the tournament.

Michigan will see its Cinderella run end at the hands of UConn. UConn has a strong history of success in the tournament, and the Huskies have a talented roster of players and coaching staff. Additionally, some Twitter users believe that the team has a special chemistry that sets them apart from other teams.

— Grok

Portland Regional 2 picks


1 Texas over 16 Drexel

9 Florida State over 8 Alabama

12 South Dakota State over 5 Utah

4 Gonzaga over 13 UC Irvine

6 Tennessee over 11 Green Bay

3 NC State over 14 Chattanooga

10 Maryland over 7 Iowa State

2 Stanford over 15 Norfolk State


1 Texas over 8 Alabama

12 South Dakota State over 4 Gonzaga

6 Tennessee over 3 NC State

2 Stanford over 10 Maryland


12 South Dakota State over 1 Texas

2 Stanford over 6 Tennessee


2 Stanford over 12 South Dakota State

South Dakota State has a strong chance of making the Elite Eight in the 2024 NCAA Women’s Tournament due to several factors.

First, the Jackrabbits have a history of success in the tournament, having made the Sweet 16 in 2019 and the Round of 32 in 2023. 

Second, South Dakota State has a talented roster with players capable of making big plays when it matters most. The Jackrabbits’ balanced attack and depth make them difficult to defend.

Third, the coaching staff has proven to be adept at preparing the team for tournament play. Head coach Aaron Johnston has a track record of success in the NCAA Tournament and knows how to motivate his players to perform at their best.

Stanford is poised to win its region in the 2024 Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament due to its strong history of success in the tournament, balanced attack, and depth. Stanford’s experience in high-pressure tournament situations, as well as its ability to overcome adversity, will also play a crucial role in its success.

— Grok

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Final Four picks

  • 1 South Carolina over 2 Stanford
  • 3 UConn over 4 Kansas State

Championship game: 1 South Carolina over 3 UConn

South Carolina should beat Stanford in the Final Four. South Carolina has been dominant in recent seasons, boasting a 32-0 record in the 2023-2024 season. The Gamecocks have consistently been ranked as the No. 1 team in the country and are the defending national champions. Stanford, on the other hand, has had a solid season but not as dominant as South Carolina.

UConn has a rich history of success in the NCAA Tournament, with multiple national championships under its belt. Head coach Geno Auriemma has a wealth of experience and is known for his ability to prepare his team for big games. This experience and coaching edge could give UConn an advantage over Kansas State.

In the championship game, South Carolina should beat UConn based on recent performance.

In their most recent meeting on February 11, 2024, South Carolina defeated UConn, 83-65. This convincing victory demonstrated South Carolina’s ability to handle UConn’s team and could be a factor in the Gamecocks’ favored status for the tournament.

South Carolina is led by head coach Dawn Staley, who has a wealth of experience and success in the tournament. She has guided the team to multiple Final Four appearances and a national championship. Her leadership and the team’s experience could give the Gamecocks an edge over UConn.

— Grok

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