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Amid predictions of a bull market, XRP is anticipated to surpass its all-time high, bolstered by legal victories. Concurrently, InQubeta, a new cryptocurrency focused on democratizing AI investments, successfully raises funds through its presale, highlighting its potential in the evolving crypto landscape.

Buying up Ripple (XRP) is a good crypto investment to make right now according to crypto expert and attorney Bill Morgan. He believes XRP’s price is poised for a major bull cycle that will take it above its previous all-time high (ATH) despite its ongoing legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Ripple Labs scored a major victory against the SEC in 2023 when a U.S. judge ruled it wasn’t a security. Morgan believes this classification of XRP will hold up in future court battles. 

Morgan expects investments in XRP to surge exponentially regardless of its ongoing legal battle since the SEC doesn’t plan to appeal the judgment on XRP’s status. He believes XRP can set a new high in 2024 even with its legal issues lingering. 

While XRP’s developers continue to prepare for its court date with the SEC, InQubeta’s developers are enjoying the results of its presale. It has generated over $11.7 million in token sales so far, emerging as a top ICO. 

InQubeta emerges as a top crypto to invest in

InQubeta is a crowdfunding cryptocurrency project that looks to make artificial intelligence (AI) investments easier to access. It aims to serve as an alternative to traditional investment mediums for the many people who don’t meet the requirements needed to access these services. 

InQubeta uses its Ethereum-built blockchain to create a decentralized investment medium anyone can use to access investment opportunities in the artificial intelligence space. 

AI startups secure funding on InQubeta’s ecosystem by tokenizing investment opportunities they’re offering into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Fractionalization is used to split these NFTs into smaller units to fit every investor’s budget. QUBE, the project’s governance token and native currency, is used for all acquisitions in its ecosystem. 

Investors can use InQubeta’s network to buy equity in emerging AI firms or they can purchase QUBE and hold it long-term to invest in InQubeta directly. QUBE now goes for $0.0245 in its ICOs eighth stage, but prices could be as high as a couple of dollars once tokens are launched on exchanges. 

QUBE is a deflationary currency with a small 1.5 billion token supply and burn taxes to remove more tokens from circulation. 

Bill Morgan shares his views on XRP’s future

XRP’s performance after a judge ruled it wasn’t a security has been less than impressive, but things are starting to turn around with over 13% price growth in the past week. XRP hasn’t benefited as much as other cryptocurrencies have from the ongoing Bitcoin (BTC) boom that has sent the prices of meme coins like Pepe (PEPE) surging as high as 700% in the past month. 

Morgan recently pointed out four factors that could take XRP’s price above its current all-time high of $3.40. These include legal clarity on XRP’s status as a token (which it accomplished when a judge ruled it wasn’t a security), a final resolution to its ongoing case with the SEC, XRP being relisted on all major exchanges, and clarity on whether Ripple can sell tokens to U.S. On-Demand Liquidity clients. 


QUBE and XRP are two of the top altcoins to buy today to earn considerable returns on your capital. XRP could grow as much as 400% in 2024 if it gets a favorable resolution to its legal case, while QUBE prices are expected to enjoy 10,000% growth. 

 For more information about InQubeta, visit the InQubeta presale or join the InQubeta communities.

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