YouTube adding ‘For You’ row to channels – 9to5Google

YouTube adding ‘For You’ row to channels – 9to5Google

Launching later this month, individual YouTube channels will start showing a new “For You” tab which recommends videos on a channel for viewers based on their watch history.

Announced on YouTube’s official Twitter/X account today, the “For You” row on YouTube channels will leverage the already-powerful recommendation engine of YouTube and keep the focus on individual creators rather than the platform as a whole. Content will be tailored to individual users, but pulled from only the channel itself.

YouTube explains on a support page:

The “For you” section gives your audience a tailored experience when visiting your channel Home tab. This section surfaces a mix of personalized content based on what the individual viewer has watched. You can choose what types of content to show and select to show only content recently posted within the last 12 months.

While the “For You” section of YouTube channels won’t go live for users until November 20, creators can already access settings for the section ahead of time. Channels can adjust the types of content that appear as well as the timeline of content. A toggle will allow “For You” to either use all content on the channel, or just content from the past 12 months.

As The Verge points out, this feature has been in testing for a while now, with a preview having been shown off back in May. It’s also pretty similar to what users see on pages on TikTok, which is no surprise.

Still, this seems like a super useful way for new viewers to get to know a channel, so it’ll be welcome when it arrives later this month.

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