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To make sure there is proper transparency in the labeling of videos created using artificial intelligence (AI), YouTube has introduced new rules. According to the official blog post, the new rules require creators to declare that their works constitute altered or synthetic media including generative AI.

YouTube crackdown on synthetic content: New rules for AI-made videos

If a video looks real and is easily confusable with reality, it must carry an appropriate label as stipulated by YouTube. This rule affects videos with digital alterations like graphics or audio which can lead to confusion by the viewers.


Labels are necessary when creators replace faces in footage, alter voices with synthetic versions of actual people, or manipulate real events and places. If people do not follow those instructions, YouTube may impose penalties including intervening by adding labels to videos that creators have not labeled correctly.

At first, these disclosure labels will simply appear in the expanded description on various YouTube videos but the company will stagger the rollout in stages. Labels will also be prominently displayed on sensitive topics such as news, elections, finance, and health directly on the video player so as to increase visibility and awareness.

However, generative AI for script creation alone for idea generation only or even automatic caption generation does not need any labeling from content makers. Similarly, minor alterations like color change and blurring of backgrounds are mostly inconsequential hence labeling will not be necessary.

Other new rules by YouTube keep famous individuals safe from synthetic face or vocal modifications

YouTube also said they are working on improving how they handle requests for the removal of content featuring identifiable individuals who have had their faces or voices synthetically modified. More information about this updated process will be provided soon by YouTube.

These new labeling rules set up by YouTube are an attempt to keep things transparent while enhancing trust among viewers because they should know what content they consume on its platform.

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