Threads has hashtags now – The Verge

/ Threads’ tags are rolling out globally, though they work differently than the hashtags you might be used to on other platforms. p>span:first-child]:text-gray-13 [&_.duet–article-byline-and]:text-gray-13″> By Jay Peters, a news editor who writes about technology, video games, and virtual worlds. He’s submitted several accepted emoji proposals to the Unicode Consortium. a:hover]:text-gray-63 [&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-black dark:[&>a:hover]:text-gray-bd dark:[&>a:hover]:shadow-underline-gray [&>a]:shadow-underline-gray-63 dark:[&>a]:text-gray-bd […]

The Best Video Games of 2023 – The Ringer

This was a best-of-times, worst-of-times type of year for video games. The aftereffects of post-pandemic contraction and a wave of acquisition and consolidation cost thousands of designers their jobs, even as the industry reckoned with AI’s potentially transformative (and terrifying) impact on game development and voice acting. The games, though? They were great—possibly better than […]