Opinion: Terminating AI funding to our adversaries – Newton Daily News – Newton Daily News

Artificial intelligence (AI) was engineered to make our lives easier but poses the possibility of being twisted into menacing machines that wage war against mankind. At least, it’s a familiar plotline of futuristic fictional fantasies, like The Matrix and The Terminator, but the sci-fi scenario could quickly become a reality if the impressive advances being […]

Unleash the Power of AI Smart Investing with InvestGPT – Yahoo Finance

InvestGPT Review London, U.K., May 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In today’s fast-paced world, making sound investment choices is more important than ever, especially for Canadians. With the abundance of information available online, discovering lucrative investment opportunities can seem overwhelming. However, with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), Canadian investors now have a powerful tool […]

Report: Microsoft Working on ‘Far Larger’ In-House AI Model – PYMNTS.com

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new, in-house artificial intelligence (AI) model that is “far larger” than the other open source models it has trained. The new model, MAI-1, is expected to have about 500 billion parameters, Seeking Alpha reported Monday (May 6), citing a paywalled article by The Information. It aims to compete with models created by Google, OpenAI (in which Microsoft is an investor), Anthropic […]

Retailers: Is AI the answer to all your problems? – Supermarket News

Justin Fischgrund is the Founder & Principal of Fischgrund Consulting, a niche firm specializing in process improvement and technology strategy for organizations across industries. Justin is an engineering and technology leader, patent inventor and professor, with a proven track record of pioneering process improvement and cutting-edge, technology-driven solutions across diverse industries, including financial, naval, aviation, […]

Microsoft report describes its artificial intelligence safety efforts – Compliance Week

The report, released Wednesday, describes the company’s disclosures about its AI program as going beyond what it and other major AI companies agreed to with the White House last summer. “This report enables us to share our maturing practices, reflect on what we have learned, chart our goals, hold ourselves accountable, and earn the public’s […]

DocuSign acquires AI-powered contract management firm Lexion – TechCrunch

As DocuSign reportedly explores a sale to private equity, it’s acquiring a company itself. On Monday, DocuSign (which now prefers to go by Docusign, with a lowercase “S,” a PR rep from the company tells me) announced that it’s buying Lexion, a contract workflow automation startup, for $165 million. The purchase comes as DocuSign makes increasing investments […]

RSA: Google Enhances its Enterprise SecOps Offerings With Gemini AI – TechRepublic

The RSA Conference, held in San Francisco from May 6-9, brings together cybersecurity professionals from across the world. This year’s conference is buzzing with conversation about generative AI: how to use generative AI to protect against attacks and how to secure generative AI itself. We’re rounding up the enterprise business tech news from RSA that […]

ASU brings advanced AI and VR training to over 2,000 faculty in Argentina | ASU News – ASU News Now

How does technology transform our ability to learn? In the evolving landscape of education, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are enabling profound changes.  AI’s capability for personalization is having a direct impact on learner success, adapting content to meet individual learning needs. A recent study in the e-learning industry shows an expected 60% increase in retention […]

AI Outperforms Humans in Moral Judgments – Neuroscience News

Summary: People often view AI-generated answers to ethical questions as superior to those from humans. In the study, participants rated responses from AI and humans without knowing the source, and overwhelmingly favored the AI’s responses in terms of virtuousness, intelligence, and trustworthiness. This modified moral Turing test, inspired by ChatGPT and similar technologies, indicates that […]