Report: Microsoft Working on ‘Far Larger’ In-House AI Model –

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new, in-house artificial intelligence (AI) model that is “far larger” than the other open source models it has trained. The new model, MAI-1, is expected to have about 500 billion parameters, Seeking Alpha reported Monday (May 6), citing a paywalled article by The Information. It aims to compete with models created by Google, OpenAI (in which Microsoft is an investor), Anthropic […]

Microsoft report describes its artificial intelligence safety efforts – Compliance Week

The report, released Wednesday, describes the company’s disclosures about its AI program as going beyond what it and other major AI companies agreed to with the White House last summer. “This report enables us to share our maturing practices, reflect on what we have learned, chart our goals, hold ourselves accountable, and earn the public’s […]

Microsoft’s in-house AI model, reportedly called MAI-1, is a chance for CEO Satya Nadella to prove he doesn’t need … – Yahoo News

Microsoft is building its own AI model dubbed MAI-1, The Information reported. The language model will be separate from OpenAI’s GPT-4 and will be overseen by Mustafa Suleyman. It’s a sign Microsoft is ready to depend less on the ChatGPT maker as the AI wars heat up. Microsoft is reportedly working on its own AI model […]

Warren Buffett’s Coca-Cola Turns Into Possible Value AI Play As It Commits $1.1 Billion To Using Microsoft’s AI – Yahoo Finance

Warren Buffett’s Coca-Cola Turns Into Possible Value AI Play As It Commits $1.1 Billion To Using Microsoft’s AI The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO) recently announced its five-year partnership with Microsoft, aiming to leverage Microsoft’s cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) services. Coca-Cola Company committed $1.1 billion towards this partnership, granting them access to Microsoft Cloud and […]

7 takeaways from a year of building generative AI responsibly and at scale – Source – Microsoft

While AI can already do a lot to make life easier, it’s far from perfect. It’s a good practice for users to verify information they receive from AI-enabled systems, which is why Microsoft provides links to cited sources at the end of any chat-produced output. Since 2019, Microsoft has been releasing “transparency notes” providing customers […]

Microsoft readies new AI model to compete with Google, OpenAI, The Information reports – Yahoo Finance

(Reuters) – Microsoft is training a new, in-house AI language model large enough to compete with those from Alphabet’s Google and OpenAI, the Information reported on Monday. The new model, internally referred to as MAI-1, is being overseen by recently hired Mustafa Suleyman, the Google DeepMind co-founder and former CEO of AI startup Inflection, the […]

Microsoft Research Presents VASA-1, an AI Framework for Generating Hyper-Realistic Talking Videos – IBL News

IBL News | New York Microsoft researchers presented VASA-1, a framework for generating hyper-realistic talking video with facial behavior, precise lip-audio sync, and naturalistic head motion produced in real time. It all contributes to the perception of authenticity and liveliness. This AI model takes a single portrait static photo and speech audio clip and produces […]

Nvidia and Microsoft: Mizuho Chooses the Best AI Stocks to Buy in May – – TipRanks

Suspicious Activity Detected Activity violating our Terms of Use has been detected on your TipRanks account. Such activity could comprise of any of the following: Exceeding 80 page views of a specific page type within a 24 hour period. Utilizing bots, crawlers or other scraping tools. In most cases your account will be automatically reactivated […]

Microsoft needs some time to ‘refine’ updates for Copilot AI in Windows – The Verge

/ Ahead of its AI event on May 20th, Microsoft is pausing public tests of updates for its Windows assistant. p>span:first-child]:text-gray-13 [&_.duet–article-byline-and]:text-gray-13″> By Richard Lawler, a senior editor following news across tech, culture, policy, and entertainment. He joined The Verge in 2021 after several years covering news at Engadget. Microsoft’s latest Windows Insider blog posts […]

Microsoft released 30 responsible AI tools in the past year – Quartz

Microsoft shared its responsible artificial intelligence practices from the past year in an inaugural report, including releasing 30 responsible AI tools that have over 100 features to support AI developed by its customers. Wegovy and Ozempic: Are we ready for weight loss drugs? Off English The company’s Responsible AI Transparency Report focuses on its efforts […]

Microsoft’s Efforts In Responsible AI: Report Details Strides And Challenges In 2023 – Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) – Benzinga

Loading… Loading… Microsoft Corp. MSFT published a report outlining its endeavors and hurdles in the implementation of responsible artificial intelligence (AI) platforms in 2023. What Happened: Microsoft’s Responsible AI Transparency Report highlights the company’s accomplishments in safely rolling out AI products, The Verge reported on Friday. This report is a part of Microsoft’s pledge to […]

New rules from Microsoft ban use of AI for facial recognition by law enforcement – ReadWrite

Microsoft has continued to stand firm in its stance against law enforcement using its Azure OpenAI Service for generative artificial intelligence (AI) that performs facial recognition, joining other tech giants such as Amazon and IBM in similar decisions. The Washington-based tech giant amended the terms of service of its Azure OpenAI offering to explicitly prohibit […]