Since the Demise of Atom, ‘Pulsar’ Offers an Alternative Code Editor – Slashdot

On December 15 GitHub declared end-of-life for its “hackable text editor” Atom. But Long-time Slashdot reader BrendaEM wants to remind everyone that after the announcement of Atom’s sunset, “the community came together to keep Atom alive.” First there was the longstanding fork Atom-Community. But “due to differences in long-term goals for the editor, a new […]

LG’s newest 32-inch 4K monitor is a looker with a smart TV inside – The Verge

/ The LG MyView, on paper at least, looks to one-up the iMac-like Samsung M8 with slight improvements to the formula. p>span:first-child]:text-gray-13 [&_.duet–article-byline-and]:text-gray-13″> By Wes Davis, a weekend editor who covers the latest in tech and entertainment. He has written news, reviews, and more as a tech journalist since 2020. a]:text-gray-13″>If you buy something from […]

All-Carbon Koenigsegg Jesko Attack With 24K Gold Accents Is A Feast For The Eyes – CarScoops

All-Carbon Koenigsegg Jesko Attack With 24K Gold Accents Is A Feast For The Eyes | Carscoops This Jesko is the Attack variant with a focus on high downforce and the quickest possible lap times by Brad Anderson 13 hours ago Koenigsegg is building just 125 examples of the Jesko and an example clad entirely […]

Canadian wireless carriers partnering with satellite operators to deliver direct-to-device service – The Globe and Mail

Open this photo in gallery: Staff at satellite communications company Inmarsat work in front of a screen showing subscribers using their service throughout the world, at their headquarters in London March 25, 2014.Andrew Winning/Reuters Canadians could soon be able to access wireless service from their smartphones in some of the country’s most remote regions thanks […]