Elon Musk says there could be a 20% chance AI destroys humanity — but we should do it anyway – Yahoo News Canada

Elon Musk recalculated his cost-benefit analysis of AI’s risk to humankind. He estimates there’s a 10-20% chance AI could destroy humanity but that we should build it anyway. An AI safety expert told BI that Musk is underestimating the risk of potential catastrophe. Elon Musk is pretty sure AI is worth the risk, even if […]

AI startup Cognition Labs, founded in November, seeks $2B valuation amid investor frenzy, warnings of bubble – Fortune

Artificial intelligence will no doubt change much about our world in the long run. But for now, we may be living through an AI bubble. Those seeking evidence of this might cite news of Cognition Labs seeking a $2 billion valuation, as reported by the Wall Street Journal on Saturday. Founded in November, Cognition Labs […]

Morgan Stanley fund manager is bullish on stock to play AI power needs – CNBC

Many tech companies are rapidly developing infrastructure for artificial intelligence as they compete for dominance in this red-hot market. AI is very power-intensive — and its power needs are only set to rise in the coming years. But that also means there’s an investment opportunity in the utility sector. Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s Aaron Dunn […]

Samsung says it needs to ‘redefine’ its voice assistant Bixby with generative AI upgrade – CNBC

Samsung could add generative artificial intelligence technology to its voice assistant Bixby, a top executive at the company told CNBC. Samsung’s Bixby is across the company’s devices, from smartphones and smartwatches to its appliances. Like many smartphone makers, Samsung is looking to infuse its devices with more advanced AI features. Samsung Electronics Co. Galaxy S24 […]

Editorial: AI to cover campus news – Northern Star – Northern Star Online

DeKALB – In a bold move that merges tradition with innovation, the Northern Star, NIU’s trusted source of news and information, has announced a groundbreaking transition. The editorial team, led by Editor-in-Chief Jane Smith, is replacing themselves and their staff with AI writers. This decision marks a significant shift in the landscape of journalism, raising […]

Missouri’s ‘Taylor Swift Act’ targets AI image threats – KMAland

(KMAland) — Missouri lawmakers are concerned with protecting people from the potential risks of the increasing accessibility of AI-generated images and videos. The Innovation and Technology Committee is planning to vote on the Taylor Swift Act, a bill aiming to make it illegal to publish or threaten to publish AI-generated sexually explicit images of people. Rep. […]