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Microsoft has invested over $10 billion into OpenAI, but it’s not resting on those laurels: The tech giant is reportedly working on another LLM of its own, internally titled “MAI-1.”

Reports have surfaced that this new model will have around 500 billion parameters, though the exact selling points and general purpose have yet to be settled.

It’s yet another move in the protracted battle for dominance in large language models, the nascent AI field that has yet to establish that it can change the world as much as it keeps saying it can.

What We Know About MAI-1

The model is still being developed and hasn’t been officially announced, so plenty of details remain unclear at this stage. But it’s a big model that can position Microsoft as a competitor with Google and OpenAI — the latter of which owes much of its own early success to Microsoft’s invested billions.

Microsoft has the huge amounts of data needed to training the MAI-1 model.

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Why is Microsoft creating a new model from scratch when it’s already a big investor in OpenAI and in the French startup Mistral? The tech corporation might be hedging its bets, given the regulatory scrutiny its current AI deals are undergoing.

MAI-1’s 500 billion parameters marks a larger amount than many models: Microsoft’s Phi-3 Mini was launched in March and just has 3.8 billion parameters, while Meta’s Llama 2 models has up to 70 billion parameters at last count.

Still, the number puts MAI-1 well below OpenAI’s GPT-4 and its reported one trillion parameters.

The Hunger Games of GenAI Companies

The model is under the auspices of Mustafa Suleyman, who previously served as CEO at AI startup Inflection. That startup sold its IP rights to Microsoft for $650 million a few months ago, in a deal that also saw most of its staff hired on at the tech giant.

However, according to The Information‘s scoop, MAI-1 is reportedly entirely built by Microsoft internally, and not a rebranded Inflection model — even if some training data and technologies may be carried over.

Before Inflection, Suleyman was at Google AI, yet another top AI big-business competitor. The shuffling around of AI workers may be reminicent of “Hunger Games but for GenAI companies,” as one LinkedIn commenter referred to this news.

Where Can I Get Started Learning About LLMs?

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